Let us help you develop a Healthy Cooking System using your existing deep fryer!

Providing healthier menu options for your guests is becoming a necessity in the restaurant industry. Our new patented DeepGrill® cooking system allows you to expand your menu with healthier options without the capital expenditure of adding a griddle, oven or other equipment to your kitchen.

The Benefits

  • No capital expenditure.
  • Allows you to use your existing fryer.
  • Standard 14" floor fryer holds 2 each 7-compartment baskets.
  • No direct contact between shortening and food.
  • Shortening is unaffected by cooking.
  • Healthier menu options.
  • Test have shown DeepGrill® reduced cooking time an average of 25%.
  • Better moisture retention v. griddle, microwave or oven cooking.
  • Enhanced flavor v. griddle, microwave or oven cooking.
  • Greater yield per serving of cooked foods.
  • Allows cooking of refrigerated and frozen foods, so you can pre-prep.
  • Ease of testing new menu items without adding equipment.
  • Browning will differ based on spices and sauces added before cooking.
  • Specially designed baskets keep the food below the shortening and allows the bags to vent.
  • No flavor transfer, different type foods can be cooked at the same time.

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